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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Cruisin' the Coast through the love of Vintage!

                          Cruisin' the Coast through the love of Vintage!

 This year my daughter and I decided to step out at the annual Cruisin' The Coast festivities in style and not just any style but we wanted to show off our love for vintage, even vintage repo.

We were a little worried that we would not get a chance to do it because the beginning of Cruisin' the Coast, we all had work and school and the plan was to attend the last weekend on Saturday. Hurricane Nate quickly changed our plans, as all Saturday shows were cancelled and the Cruisers were sent home early.

However, we did manage to make it to the Ocean Springs Sock Hop Friday Night. Night pictures were hard to shoot. So many did not turn out, but several still did and we had a great time Cruisin' right down the middle of the town. They had all of downtown blocked off to traffic. Live bands playing all around and Cruisers on every corner! We had a blast!

After our time Cruisin' the Coast, we went to grab some food at a near by diner and we continued our fun. 

My skirt and Elie's dress is Lindy Bop and our shoes are B.A.I.T. footwear. My brooch is Erstwilder.

We had so much fun! The cars were great! The music was fun! Even Isaac came and joined us and had fun!

Special thanks to John for taking our pictures! Shoutout to my sweet niece Ashlynn for our awesome new haircuts!

                                                                         ~ Stay Classy and Sassy

Friday, June 2, 2017

Mothers Day 2017! The beauty, the tears, and the remembrance!


This past Mother's Day will be forever etched in my mind; it was the very last day I spent with my dear granny on this earth! It was a hard day, like every Sunday since she had been placed on hospice care. We went to help my mom care for her. I wanted to help in what little way I could, and if it brought Granny a little peace for me to sing to her for an hour or stroke her hair or give my mom some help by allowing her to take break, then I was more than happy to help! I only wish I could have done more!

It was so hard to see my dear granny in pain, and it hurts so much to have lost her, but I know some day I'll see her again! That she's with Pawpaw now and no longer in pain! On some of my visits, there were times where it were as if Pawpaw was in the room with Granny. He's been waiting a long time to see her again.

My granny and mom are the two most influential women in my life! I don't know where I'd be without them! They are my strong tower, the reason I am who I am today. When I was only five years old and my brother Randy was two, my parents divorced. It was rough and traumatic. Many would think that children that young could not remember events, but Randy and I have shared our memories, and there is no doubt that we remember. My mom, brother and I went to live with my granny and pawpaw. They took us in and helped us in so many ways.

Pawpaw would tinker around the house cleaning guns, or he would be playing old records while working in his garage or working outside. Whatever he was doing, he was always busy. He loved his tang and an occasional treat of Krystal hamburgers. He welded us monkey bars, seesaws, and swing sets to play on. I thought it was great fun to pretend that the short wooden fence he built, that surrounded the property line, was a ballerina balance beam. Randy loved to climb a Popcorn tree that was in the front yard, that pawpaw had saved after it had fallen in a hurricane.

Granny worked tirelessly to make sure we were all happy and fed. She worked puzzles with us and was always cooking for us. She'd fry us bologna or spam with barbecue sauce in her cast iron pans. Back then, I thought that was a real treat, maybe she was the only one that could cook it right!

Early on, I showed interest in reading and was reading small books from school, but it was Granny who put the first novel in my hands. I'm not sure how old I was, probably around eight to ten, but I do remember we still lived there, and my mom remarried when I was ten, so it was sometime before. Granny gave me a wonderful gift, a gift that has followed me my entire life, the love of reading. She placed in my hands an old copy of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott and I never looked back. She gave me a series of Alcott's stories, and I read those so much that she gave me the books. She knew how much I loved them. And love them I do! Those books lit a fire in my heart for literature that has never been put out. A year or so later I was invited to go to Disney with a friend, and I spent what little spending money I had to buy another book, a paperback copy of Gone with the Wind. Those books led to an eventual English literature degree and then my Masters in Library and Information Science degree and a Masters certificate in Archives and Special Collections. When I applied for my Masters degree, it was required that I write a letter stating why I wanting to enter the program, much of this was in that letter. My Granny gifting me Little Women as a little girl inspiring me to become a librarian, to love books so much that I want to spend my life taking care of them.

Most everyone knows I suffer with migraines, what many people don't realize is that it has been a life long battle. I was probably about ten or eleven when I first started getting bad headaches. Granny would come and get me from school and let me lay down. She'd make me a bowl of grits and toast that for some reason, only she could make right, and I'd feel better.

When I think of the house I grew up in, the house that comes to mind is Granny and Pawpaw's, even though I lived many different places, that house was the place I lived the longest throughout my childhood. The place I have the most warm memories, the place I called home.

When I was twelve, my pawpaw got really sick. He had asbestos cancer. Granny tirelessly cared for him. He was sick for a while. She truly was the most selfless person I know. She would have done anything in her power to make him better. When she began to get sick almost two decades later, especially towards the end, I saw how beautiful it was that Granny and Pawpaw were blessed with seven daughters. Those girls stepped up and took on the role I saw Granny perform so many times, the role of selfless caregiver, and they did it so well. I am so proud of them, I know it was hard to take care of her the way they did but Granny deserved it.

I've heard the question many times throughout my life, how do you manage that? How did you manage graduate school with three kids and a full time job? etc... When you grow up with amazing strong female role models, as I did with my mom and Granny- models that believe you need to just get it done and focus on what matters- than that is what you do! My mom and Granny truly are wonder-women, and I'm honored to have them in my life to look up to!

Thank you always and forever to my dear Mom and Granny ~ (Jackie and Katherine) ~ I love yall!

                                                                                                          - Stay classy and Sassy

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Beauty and the Beast Retro Vintage Style

Last month, Elie and I attended the opening weekend of Beauty and the Beast. We did so in full 50's style, dressed as retro versions of Belle. We were escorted to the theatre and dinner beforehand by my lovely husband, John.

Elie and I received a lot of complements on our dresses. Everyone adored them, even those who weren't brave enough to say so, you could see it in their eyes and hear it in their whispers.

The most important thing is that we had fun! It was a blast to get all dolled up and be Belle for the night with my little girl. The movie was amazing and the food was great!


We hope to redo this photo shoot soon in a better background, because why not use another excuse to become Belle for the day again, right?!



                                                                                         ~ As always, Stay Classy and Sassy!

... My shirt and skirt is from Unique Vintage. My shoes are Bait and the petticoat is from Modcloth. The pin is from Cool Queen Collective. My fascinator is from a craft fair. Elie's dress and bow is from Target, as well as both of our purses. Her shoes are thrifted. Our earrings are from Hottopic.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

World Autism Awareness Day

Today is world Autism Awareness Day and the month of April is Autism Awareness month but everyday is Autism Awareness day in our home.


I have three wonderful children. The two youngest happen to have an Autism diagnosis. I have spoken many times before about our journey and the reason I continue to is to help others through our experiences. It wasn't always easy and sometimes it is still a very bumpy road but as a parent you just have to realize that you are your child's voice, their number one advocate!


Autism is a spectrum of disorders. There is a whole umbrella of diagnoses that fall under the Autism spectrum. My middle son Isaac, was diagnosed very young with Autism, after receiving a full round of testing from various facilities ruling out other possibilities. He has what is now being defined as the classic characteristics, such as; the loss of eye contact and speech. He had learned a few words and seemed to progress normally early on but then regressed. He didn't speak until he was four and a half and that was with intensive therapy and a mommy who wouldn't give up and wouldn't stop researching. Isaac is now 14 and a freshman in high school. He still has his ups and downs and has a lot to battle. He doesn't do well with loud noises and he can be triggered by situations he isn't prepared for but he has come so far and we expect so much more from him. He just recently took his practice Act in science and received a 32. He can figure out most science and computer things in his head and has the most amazing memory for facts. He can rattle off facts like he's reading you a textbook. It's pretty amazing!


My youngest child, Elie, was diagnosed later. She was seven when she received a diagnosis of Aspergers syndrome. Early on, some of Isaac's therapists tested her but they said she was too borderline to tell for sure, to wait until she was older. Now, she manages her school without an IEP and you wouldn't even notice that there was an issue unless you spend time with her one on one, even then it's mild. She will have small meltdowns. She is social but has trouble with understanding social Q's. For the most part she does really well. She also had some therapy early on, speech and occasional.



Often Autism diagnosis's comes with other diagnosis's as well. Isaac has ADD and epilepsy, the latter is a fairly new diagnosis however it may have been an under lining condition all along and covered up due to off label medical treatments. Elie's has ADHD. There is a huge difference between ADD and ADHD, many people don't realize that. Isaac is very mellow and just needs help focusing, Elie on the other hand is bouncing all over the place and has the energy of ten people all the time. If we could bottle it, we could be rich. Of course, it interferes with her ability to get her school work done or concentrate. Somehow she is still an A student though, so we don't worry too much. We give all our children as much attention as possible! And both the younger kids have an awesome big brother to help the out! All three are very bright and wonderful! We are blessed to have them in our lives!



The point of all of this is, you don't have to feel alone. There are some many people out there going through the same thing you are, or who have been there and have seen hope and a brighter future. There are so many places you can reach out to for help and people who can answers your questions. Many people are diagnosed with Autism and the numbers seem to continue to grow, we need to bring awareness and acceptance for these children and adults living on the Autism Spectrum.

Here are a few links of place that have great helpful information:

Friday, March 31, 2017

My Vintage Fascination Becomes a Family Affair!

   It has never been a secret that I am truly obsessed with eras before my time. Many people have called me an old soul. I love collecting antiques and vintage clothes. For sometime now, I've been tossing around the idea of adding a vintage clothing portion to my blog. After all, it is all about Sassy's World and it is a huge part of what makes me tick. I've been following several creative and fun blogs that focus on vintage clothing and they are beautiful. I love what they do!

   One day, I was discussing my ideas with my husband and my daughter was listening. That is when two minds and hearts and ideas burst together, for what was to become amazing mommy/daughter fun!

   So, remember several weeks ago when I said to stay tuned for a surprise ... It's here!

                                        My Vintage Fascination Becomes a Family Affair!

It turns out that Elie happens to love vintage too! When she over heard me talking, she asked if she could take part and I thought, you know that would be a great bonding experience for us.

So, now we are going out thrifting together and doing photo shoots together. It's so much fun!

For this photo shoot, we went to the University of Southern Mississippi's Gulf Coast Campus. We utilized the gorgeous trees and bridges.

Elie even wants to make her own blog and tell her side of the story. What we are planning to do is link each others blogs with mom/daughter vintage perspectives. 

Elie's dress and shoes were thrifted. The dress was a great find, it is Voom by Joy Han. I can't quite place the era, but it is very heavy material. Voom is still in business but their new stuff doesn't look like this, however I'm not sure when they started. Maybe someone can help me with that one.

My dress is from Lotty Dotty Vintage. It is a gorgeous 70's (was deadstock) piece.  It reminds me of the Coca-Cola waitress of old or something. It just spoke to me. I am on the hunt for the retired Sal's Soda Erstwilder brooch, because I think that would make the perfect companion piece for this dress.

Kelsea, at Lotty Dotty Vintage has some truly amazing pieces. I can't wait to get my hands on some more. Visit her Instragram @lottydottyvintage for more information.  

My shoes are from Modcloth (the Chelsea Crew Hot for hemlock heel in crimson)
and my fascinator was purchased a craft festival. 

Elie and I had a blast! Our plan is to do this at least once a month, so stay tuned. In addition to usual Sassy's World posts, whatever they maybe, you'll also get vintage love! 

I will link Elie's perspective here as soon as she has her blog up and running! 

As always, Stay Sassy and Classy!

*Special thanks to John for being our photographer!