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Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year

With the New Year, I'm also ringing in another year of my life as I recently turned the dreaded 31. This year brings renewed desire to start my life afresh. I've been feeling so down in the dumps with everything that has happened, that I want to really make that effort for a fresh new start in my thirties. I have learned several things in the past year that will give me that boost.
Mostly that...
I can do this on my own. For over a year now I've been separated and raising three kids all by myself, grant it I'm staying with my mom until I can afford a place of my own, but the point is I made it and I can continue to make it.
Also, I have found a profession that I really love and believe I can make a life long career of. Feb 1st will be a year since I started working as a librarian. My goal is to get my masters so I can get a higher paying position. So I will be heading back to school soon. I've learned I love history and genealogy. I hope to focus on archive's when I do return to school.
Through all of this, I've realized that you can't change people, so don't try to. Just move on with your life, be happy with yourself, and one day everything else will fall into place!

So my New Years resolutions are to:
#1 be happy with myself
#2 get my masters
#3 focus on becoming healthy rather than obsessing over weight
#4 write and read more
#5 Be myself and stop worrying about what others think so much

With all of the sad and frustrating things the past few years have brought, there have also been some really great things too! One of those things are the great new friends I've met through work!

Here's to wonderful moments from 2010, my beautiful kids, and great new friends!