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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

My Year In Review! (warning...pic rush)

2015 has come and gone. It seems like it happened so very quickly. As my family and I kick off a new year, I wanted to take a few minutes to highlight and remember the events that took place over the past year. Not all of my goals for last year were meet but it was a busy year so those will just be extended into this new year.

January - We started off the year running! New Years Celebrations and fun...
1/17 The Insectarium was a bit icky, if you don't like bugs! Bourbon Street!

February - Getting wedding ready...
2/12 We scheduled Salute for the food at the wedding! (The place of our first date)
2/13 We paid off all of our wedding fees at Beauvoir! It's officially booked!
2/14 Attended the Beauvoir Valentine's Dinner

2/17 Biloxi Mardi Gras parade! So cooold!

2/28 JASNA-LA Tea at the Keller Library

March -
3/13 To see Cinderella with my princess!

3/14 Moving day for John!
3/21 Jane Austen Festival in Mandeville was wonderful.  John's history day.

3/28 TEAAM Trivia Night!

April -
4/11 To the zoo!
4/25 Wedding crafting day!

May -
5/9 Laurel Museum with JASNA-MS

5/18 Ellie's strings concert
5/21 Isaac's band concert!

5/30 Keller library Tea with JASNA-LA

June -
6/6 Started practicum work at Beauvoir, in addition to prior volunteer work.
6/16 Got the licence!!!
6/19 Meeting with officiant!
6/20 BBQ and Wedding craft day!
6/27 Wedding shower!

6/29 Finally in print!

July - Wedding / Honeymoon
7/4 John's reunion
7/17 Nails with my princess. Rehearsal and setup!

7/19 Honeymoon to Georgia 7/24 To Demopolis

August -
8/8 Civil War Ball at Beauvoir

8/13 Kids back to school

8/19 Back to USM
8/22 Bookfest
8/27 Isaac's 13th Birthday
8/30 Isaac's Birthday Party

September -
9/12 Lisa's sons wedding
9/19 Digi Day
9/21-25 John's comps

October -
10/3 Finished practicum work
10/3 Cruisin' at Beauvoir

10/3 Ellie's Honor Choir tryouts
10/7 Hair donation - 15 inches

10/9 John's orals
10/10 KDW Series III pictures

10/17 Griffin Cemetery Tour

10/18 Fall Muster
10/21 Back to the Future Day

10/23 Jackson County Fair
10/28 Ellie's 11th birthday - letter year!

10/31 TEAAM Halloween Party

November -
11/1 Ellie's party
11/5 Chris' 17th Birthday - Wow!
11/6 Applied for graduation

December -
12/2 Judged reading fair - Fun!
12/4 Ellie performed at Carol Fest (Gulfport Honor Choir)

12/4 Harbor Lights Show

12/5 UNO Christmas Party
12/6 Sinatra 100th Special

12/12 Geekonomicon - working with TEAAM

12/16 JASNA-MS birthday tea / officially became treasurer!

12/17 The return of BLUEBELL!!!

12/23 Mandy's Redneck Christmas Party

12/24 Christmas Eve Party at my mom's
12/25 Christmas Day Party at John's parents

12/31 to see the new Star Wars!

The year was busy, crazy, fun, but worth every minute! We are looking forward to all that 2016 holds for us! So excited!!!