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Monday, November 24, 2014


Many people fail to understand the painful shyness of the introvert, unless they are, of course,
then they understand it perfectly.
An introverted person can be easily embarrassed and sometimes painfully so.

As an introvert myself, I know just how painful it can be when others fail to understand how to interact with and around you.
Here are a few ground rules for dealing with an introvert that will make everyones life easier...


1. Never, ever, ever embarrass an introvert. A few ways this can be done that you may not even realize... calling them out in public, drawing attention to them, ignoring them, joking about personal things, picking on them. It maybe all fun and games but to an introvert, it really hurts.
2. Understand that they are introspective. Yes, introverts get lost in their own thoughts often, let them. Just leave them be, when they're ready they'll let you in, maybe.
3. For the love of all that is holy... give them space. Introverts actually like alone time. I realize that's a hard concept to grasp but you must adhere to it.
4. We like our bubble of personal space and expect you to respect that.
5. People drain us. Yes, we may get snappy or tense after spending time surrounded by a large group. We can't help it, please be patient with us.
6. We are not rude or stuck up, we are just shy and prefer to remain on the sidelines observing.
7. Give us plenty of advanced notice before subjecting us to group outings of any sort.
8. Understand that we have trouble voicing our thoughts, again patiences.
9. We are extremely emotional. It's because we are often overwhelmed. Help us, don't get frustrated with us.
10. We are okay with our introvertedness, we don't need you to fix us.

Here is a few images I came across of Pinterest that says it all...

Take heed, you never know just how harmful your words can be! An introverted person is never going to stop and tell you how much something you said or did hurt. They'll just cry later when no one else is around to see it!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Engagement Excitement

My fiancé and I have been engaged now for five months but we've only recently set the date and place and started the planning process. It has been a lot of fun and extremely exciting and alittle bit scary.

So the countdown is on and it made me realize it's not really that far away... and that is scary!

Here are a few of the engagement pictures my cousin Tonya did for us!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I've been volunteering at Beauvoir for over a month now and that is also where we've planned to have our wedding. As I was last week, I looked out the window at the beautiful grounds, it really began to sink in that this is happening. Then just a few days later our engagement pictures came back. As I looked through them the only thing I could think was just how wonderfully perfect they are or would be if I weren't in them to mess them up. All I can see in every picture is how horrible I look. The dress I ordered to hide some of that didn't come in on time so I made do with one I had and the results were awful. I mared those beautiful pictures. I did.

I have had feelings like this towards myself for as long as I can remember. The only difference is now I actually have a reason. When I was maybe fourteen I overdosed on dexatrim because I thought I was so horribly fat. When I look back at pictures of myself from then I think I'd do anything to be that size again. Now a good forty pounds heavier, I might as well be three hundred with my little 5'1" frame. It shows everything. I've literally tried everything imaginable to loose it without success. What I do know for sure is that I don't want to mare my wedding pictures the same way. 

So I ordered the dress... a size too small. I know that sounds stupid and I know I shouldn't hate myself this way but the truth of the matter is I do and nothing said can change that. So I've got to make this work somehow. ... Eight months to go!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Trying to Adjust!

I have neglected my blog a lot lately mainly because time is not a luxury I have these days.
Between being a full-time mom, a full-time student, holding a full-time job and volunteering for archival service hours, most days I come straight home and crash.

We've been in our new home for about six months now and this country mouse has spent that time becoming and adjusting to life as a city mouse, I've struggled some but for the most part thought I was adjusting well until... ( well at least I was telling myself that )

A few days ago I was driving my son to see his friends in our old hometown. It is about an hour drive away. It has been awhile since we've been out there.

As we were driving past the bails of cotton in the open, bare fields and through the town where every store is recognizable and everything is familiar I realize how much I miss this, how much I want this.

Change never feels good ... seems good ... becomes okay.

Maybe I just need more time but the city feels
so busy.. so big.. so unfamiliar, that it's this big scary place.
Sometimes I feel like I just want to go home and other times I just don't know where home is but I feel something calling in the open land...

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Jane Austen Annotated Reference Bibliography Pathfinder

“Jane Austen”

It is a truth universally acknowledged…..

   Probably the most famous beginning line from a novel of all time.

Jane Austen was born December 16, 1775 in Steventon, United Kingdom. She only lived into her forties, passing away on July 18, 1817, but in her four short decades she wrote some of the worlds most beloved literature.
She has become so loved over the two centuries that her works have graced us, that she has even garnered a star in Hollywood. There are many libraries throughout the world who has entire literary collections on Jane Austen. That is pretty spectacular for a woman who only published six complete novels, some of which were published after her death. In the United Kingdom, she has received her face on postal stamps and soon to come, the 10 pound British note.

Part 1: Basics


This pathfinder is meant for high school and college age students who are studying literary romance and/or British classical literature.

The focus of this pathfinder is on one of the most well known female novelist of all time, Jane Austen. This pathfinder reviews Jane Austen’s work and the effect her work has had through the years.

Part 2: Written Resources 

  1.  Reference Books

A Guide to Jane Austen by Michael Hardwick is a book all about the life and works of Jane Austen. The contents of the book include an introduction and information about Jane Austen’s life and information about Jane Austen’s characters and her works. The book goes through each of Jane Austen’s works giving information about publication and content. It is a good guide for researching information on Jane Austen all in one place.

            Hardwick, M. (1973). A Guide to Jane Austen. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons.

Jane Austen in Her Time is a good book for finding information on Jane Austen and her life. It only very lightly touches on her works and instead keeps the primary focus on what her world was like. This book touches on everyday tasks and her relations. Finding out about the time an author lived in will help a reader better comprehend the context of their writings.

Craik, W.A. (1969). Jane Austen in Her Time. London: Thomas Nelson and Sons LTD.

Readings on Jane Austen is a literary companion for researchers. It is a collection of articles written about Jane Austen’s work. Some of the article titles are Austen’s Women in a Conservative Society, Games as a Device in Austen’s Novels and Good Manners Mirror Good Morals in Pride and Prejudice. The articles could be of good use to a students looking for a place they could locate a good amount of information at once.

(1997). Readings on Jane Austen: The Greenhaven Press Literary Companion to British Authors. San Diego, CA: Greenhaven Press.

  1.  Journals 

Jane Austen’s Fiction Manuscripts is an article published in the Journal of Victorian Culture reviewing Jane Austen’s works. It however is not only a review of her works but a digitization of her novels so that they are freely available for everyone. This was an extensive project that includes all of Jane Austen’s writings, not just her novels but her juvenilia and short stories also. This was “undertaken as a collaboration between Oxford University and King’s College London, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and completed under the direction of” several members of the prospective colleges (426). It is a project that offers ready access to any research or reader alike.

Schlitz, S. (2011). Review of Jane Austen’s Fiction Manuscripts. Journal of Victorian Culture, 16, 426-431.

What Jane Austen Knew About Class is an article that discusses the class issue as addressed throughout Jane Austen’s works. The article accentually says that Austen’s work speak to use because the same issues that we still deal with everyday are addressed fluently in a time period that is two hundred years old. The issue of social class in timeless. “Two centuries later, we feel similarly,” is just the point this writer is trying to get at (52). The shear ability to relate to Jane Austen’s works is what keeps her in the heart of us all.
Trollope, J. (2013). What Jane Austen Knew About Class. New Statesman, 52-53.

Jane Austen at Home is an article discussing the house that Jane Austen lived in while writing. Chawton House is not the famous house that has been turned into a museum in Jane’s honor. It is lesser-known yet still gets visitors. This article discusses what life was mostly likely like for Jane Austen growing up in the quite little town and the differences in this small town life in comparison to Bath.
Huntley, D. (2009). Jane Austen at Home. British Heritage, 24-27.

  1. Other (magazines)

Jane Austen’s Regency World is a branch of the earlier mentioned, Jane Austen Centre. It is primarily a magazine dedicated to Jane Austen and all things Regency Era. It also offers current event news on anything and everything Austen related.

 (2014). Jane Austen’s Regency World. Retrieved from

Part 3: Online Resources 

  1. Web sites

The Jane Austen Centre is everything Jane Austen. It is located in Bath, the town where Jane Austen lived. This website is split into three different main categories; the world of Jane Austen, Jane Austen in Bath, and the online giftshop. Each of these categories contains a plethora of links with information about Jane Austen and the world in which she lived. There is a Jane Austen Magazine and newsletter you can subscribe to through the site. They host a yearly Jane Austen Festival which is 10 days long and helps the attendee completely immerse themselves Jane’s world. The offer walking tours of Bath and have a Regency Tea Room; both of which helps you experience life in the Regency Era. The online gift shop offers relics for Austen fans as well as costume options for the ball held during the festival.

(2014). The Jane Austen Centre. Retrieved from

The Jane Austen Society of North America or JASNA for short, is the main center for Austen fans in North America. The site offers a brief biography on Jane Austen, as well as group meetings, newsletters and annual balls just to name a few. JASNA is much more than just a website, it is a members group, a place to gather with other people who share in a love of Jane Austen. There are many sections to this site; news and events, regional groups, Austen on film, merchandise and group information. JASNA offers an essay contest which grants the winner a scholarship and links to professional publications on Jane Austen. This site is packed full of information of all kinds, including modern day usage of Austen’s books as most have been turned into numerous motion pictures. JASNA is a non-profit organization with over 4500 members. They host conferences and take tour groups to England to explore Jane Austen’s homeland. The site is really well laid out and easy to follow, with plenty of clickable links for research.

(2014). The Jane Austen Society of North America. Retrieved from

The Republic of Pemberley is a group for Jane Austen fans from all over the world. This site is primary a social site to meet and discuss Jane Austen’s work. There are different boards or chat rooms that are titled for each of her novels, where people can discuss Jane’s work as well as act scenes out. They also have other chat rooms available for true literary discussions that would be ideal for a research trying to gain the perspective of an Austen aficionado. There is also an event page for upcoming Austen related events and an information page on the life of Jane Austen.

(2014). The Republic of Pemberley. Retrieved from

The Jane Austen Literary Festival is a fairly new festival held in Mandeville, Louisiana. This is was their seventh Jane Austen festival and every year the festivals have been geared towards writing. They hold a letter writing contest each year to help build up writing skills. The group also holds letter writing workshops and lectures on Austen’s work.

 (2014). The Jane Austen Literary Festival. Retrieved from

The Jane Austen Society of the United Kingdom is a fan based group for Austen fans living in the United Kingdom. They host society events, newsletters, and branches and group meetings. They host annual conferences and visits to Jane Austen’s house. The Jane Austen Society of the United Kingdom also host annual talks and national events. They also put out a newsletter and have plenty of informational links for researching. They also host literary debates and offer classes on Jane Austen and her time.

(2014). The Jane Austen Society of the United Kingdom. Retrieved from

Jane Austen’s House Museum is the official museum of Jane Austen. It is actually contained in one of Jane Austen’s homes. It is more than just a museum, they host events and workshops teaching people all about Jane Austen. They help to maintain her legacy and keep it for real in the eyes of those who love her. They also work with local schools in the area of creative writing and have special programs for those students who are gifted in writing. It is a great place to truly learn all about Austen, right in her own home.

(2014). Jane Austen’s House Museum. Retrieved from

Chawton House Library is the library and the gardens of the Austen family. It is primarily a charity that focuses on education through literature. The libraries collection is mostly women’s writings from 1600 through 1830.  They host a short story award and lectures. The library houses much of the genealogy materials on the Austen family which would be invaluable for research.

(2014). Chawton House Library. Retrieved from

Austenprose is a blog that is all about Jane Austen, her works, her life and everything that has come up out of her world as a result of her works. It is primarily written by the famous author Laurel Ann Nattress as well as the other contributors to the book Jane Austen Made Me Do It, which is a collection of stories about the silly things people have done because of the influence Jane Austen has had on their lives. This blog does not only discuss all things Austen in detail but it also gives real reviews of works by other authors writing in the genre of Austen related fiction.

(2014). Austenprose. Retrieved from

b. Other (if applicable – like videos or podcasts)

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is an online vodcast through Youtube that follows the life a girl who calls herself 'Lizzie Bennet' that suffers through many of the same issues the Elizabeth Bennet in Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice dealt with. The twist to the vodcast is that it is set in modern day and time yet it points out how similar the main issues truly are even though they are two hundred years apart. The two main people in the vodcast even have a book that is coming soon. That information is available here:

 Su, B. (2014). The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Retrieved from

Part 4: Summary

I chose to do my pathfinder on Jane Austen because she is my all time favorite author. She inspires me in so many ways and I hope to someday write like her. I believe she writes about life in such a way that remains relatable after all these years, not only to those few hopeless romantic girls but to people in all walks of life. Jane Austen’s works are often an assigned topic in both high school and college literature classes so I figured what better way to join something I love with helping others search for a needed school topic.

-Citations have been made throughout this document and the pictures used here were also used from the cited websites included.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Comfort through writing!

I've had a few down days where the normal everyday stress of life just really builds. Well, normal is a relative term, however the extreme amount of changes taking place have seriously overwhelmed me. I realized that I have neglected my normal method of 'venting'. My journal has not had an entry in well over a month. Journaling is my out, a place I can say anything I want without fear and/or cry as much as I choose without feeling judged. A place I can really truly find release.

I pen my fears, my sadness, my frustration, my joy, my happiness, my everything...

Blogging isn't even the same, all though it is a comfort. With a public forum you still hold back but with a private journal that no other eyes will ever see, there is a since of escape that can't be reached any other way.

So I realize I need to abate the excuses and allow the ink to flow .....
                                                                                                                             ~ Sassy

Friday, March 21, 2014

Autism Awareness Month

It's almost April, which means Autism Awareness Month, and we're already in full swing.

We have the Light Up the Biloxi Lighthouse April 2nd for National Autism Awareness Day and the Coast Autism Walk April 5th on Biloxi Town Green, which is only two weeks away! If you still need to pre-register for the walk and/or need to order your walk shirts, do so today! The last day to place your order is March 25th! Send an email to for a registration/order form. 

The shirts look like this ...

Orr-iginals will enter the TEAAM T-shirt contest again, if you'd like to join our family group and get our shirt, you can email me at or purchase the shirt from here...

Also, TEAAM's director, Mark Yeager released a statement about the Light up the Biloxi Lighthouse in regards to the Light it up Blue Campaign by Autism Speaks, that I'd light to share with you so all my followers understand why we're going yellow/green instead of blue...

Biloxi Lighthouse Lit Up Yellow and Green for Autism?

That’s right! Most people in the Autism and Disability communities know that during April, Autism Awareness Month, there is a move to “Lite it Up Blue” for Autism Awareness. TEAAM Autism (Together Enhancing Autism Awareness in Mississippi) has decided to make an additional statement with the first step being to light the Historical Biloxi Lighthouse Yellow and Green for Autism. Why Yellow and Green you might ask? Here’s why!

Yellow, like the color of the sun, was chosen to shine a bright light on moving the conversation forward. Moving from Autism Awareness to Autism Acceptance! Being aware of an issue is important but accepting people for who they are is more supportive. You can be aware without getting involved. Acceptance means you are willing to be a part of the solutions. In other words, involved! Even though TEAAM wants others to be aware of the issues surrounding Autism Spectrum Disorders, we want people to be involved in solutions for our Autistic friends. Accepting people for whom they are and how you can personally play a role in supporting them not only moves the conversation forward but moves people forward as well. Though acceptance and support, we all can benefit.

Green, like new life and growth in the spring, was chosen to give life to the emerging conversation of Neuro-Diversity. We, as people concerned about others, have given a lot of attention to the issues of diversity over the past decades. It is now time to include in that discussion the challenges people who are neuro-diverse face. Their rights should not and cannot be ignored. Autistic people are blessed with a unique view and perspective of others and the world in which we live. We can all learn from each other’s perspectives. That’s what diversity is all about!

As a point of interest you will notice that I have not used people first language in this content. I am not being disrespectful. Quite the opposite! As a matter of fact, that is what my Autistic Friends prefer. So join TEAAM Autism in celebrating a month of Autism Acceptance and Neuro-Diversity in addition to Autism Awareness. We invite you to add some uplifting Yellow and Green to your Blue!

Dr. Mark H. Yeager, FAAIDD
Executive Director, TEAAM Autism

Join us there, here's the info...

Thanks so much for always supporting us in Autism Awareness! I love this group, you should join our monthly meetings. We have so much fun, raising awareness and money for TEAAM's/MS only summer camp for children with Autism.

Just a reminder of why we do all this hard work...

Also, I'd like to brag a little. Isaac and Bernise made the TEAAM Walk Facebook page header. They walked the longest last year!

Join our Team Orr-iginals and come out and join TEAAM! 

Love y'all, Thanks so much! Sasha

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Crazy busy... That's life

I know it's been awhile since I've posted a blog. I just wanted to let you know, I haven't forgotten about my loyal readers at all. My life has just been alittle crazy lately. I've had a lot of changes this new year, hopefully for the better. I started grad school this semester, majoring in Library and Information Science with an emphasis in Archives. That alone seems daunting, but I've also just recently added to that task, a brand new job in a new city. I've accepted a position as branch manager of a library in the city. I hope to move there this summer once the kids are out of school, to avoid moving them during the school year. So in the mean time, I've been commuting back and forth, about an hour drive.
I just recently held a panel for the library at Coast Con on Book Addiction. That was a lot of fun!
(see photo of me setting up)
Even though I feel alittle overwhelmed, I am very happy, scared but excited. Hopefully everything continues to go well. I'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Awesome moments of 2013

Happy New Year!                                       ...revisiting 2013...

Today is January 1, 2014 and it has a been a wonderful start to the new year! John and I celebrated by watching Pride and Prejudice, starting it before midnight and finishing after. I really don't think there is a better way to celebrate. Our 'snuggles eve' may very well become a tradition!

In lieu of kicking off a new year, I'd like to review the wonderful events of 2013 [and the few sad ones], but over all it was a great year!

2013 Timeline


  • [Grandma Davis passed away]


  • Prayer meeting for Alyssa - she's doing good.


  • Hurley's Old Fashion Day - The kids shot paintballs with their friends for hours, there were a few battle wounds.
  • Easter - Randy and his family came to visit! I miss my brother so.
  • CoastCon - I met Adrian Paul!!!
  • TEAAM Coast Trivia Night and Wine Tasting


  • TEAAM Coast 5th Annual Autism Walk was a great success!
  • Children's Book Fest at USM - Getting locked in a stairwell because of a tornado...scary. Being there with half a dozen famous authors...priceless!
  • Biloxi Lighthouse - Light it up blue! Woohoo! 1st time!


  • Mobicon- 1st time working the Krewe du Who table and serving on a panel! Sci-fi jeopardy was awesome...I won a tribble!
  • Mother's Day - visited with Granny, took pics with 4 generations of girls!


  • Kids and I got new bikes! Woohoo, thanks stepdaddy!
  • Ellie had fun at her bff's birthday swim party, Emma!


  • Ellie participated in VBS at Fulllife and had a blast with her friends.
  • The kids, mom and I all went hiking and had loads of fun!
  • I took a much needed vacation at the end of summer reading and visited the beach.
  • WooHoo! Saw BB King in concert!
  • Met in person, the love of my life... John ... my beau ;)


  • Kids started back to school - Chris in 9th grade, Isaac in 6th grade, and Ellie in 3rd grade.
  • Best Date Ever - a beach picnic I'll never forget!
  • Librarianship 101 alumni meeting at Hattiesburg public library - fun.
  • Isaac turned 11.


  • Isaac and Ellie graduated from sensory integration therapy and got their handprints on the wall!
  • Krewe du Who photo shoot in Nola - we made the paper!


  • Changed my name back to my maiden name - best decision ever!
  • Haircut and donated to Locks of Love.
  • Went to the Fall Muster with John at Beauvoir. - Fun
  • TEAAM coast Halloween Party - kids had fun
  • MLA conference in Biloxi
  • 1st time tailgating - at USM with John
  • Ellie turned 9.
  • 1st Halloween Party with John.


  • [Abbygale passed away]
  • Chris turned 15.
  • Met John's parents.
  • Spent 1st Thanksgiving with John and his family!
  • BCF Michelle got married.


  • [Uncle Apple passed away]
  • Elfie came back - his 2nd year with us.
  • TEAAM coast Christmas party - Santa showed up.
  • 1st Christmas/Birthday with John - It was my magnolia ring!

All in all, we had a wonderful year and we hope that 2014 has even better things in store! Here's a few pictures that highlight our moments!