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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Awesome moments of 2013

Happy New Year!                                       ...revisiting 2013...

Today is January 1, 2014 and it has a been a wonderful start to the new year! John and I celebrated by watching Pride and Prejudice, starting it before midnight and finishing after. I really don't think there is a better way to celebrate. Our 'snuggles eve' may very well become a tradition!

In lieu of kicking off a new year, I'd like to review the wonderful events of 2013 [and the few sad ones], but over all it was a great year!

2013 Timeline


  • [Grandma Davis passed away]


  • Prayer meeting for Alyssa - she's doing good.


  • Hurley's Old Fashion Day - The kids shot paintballs with their friends for hours, there were a few battle wounds.
  • Easter - Randy and his family came to visit! I miss my brother so.
  • CoastCon - I met Adrian Paul!!!
  • TEAAM Coast Trivia Night and Wine Tasting


  • TEAAM Coast 5th Annual Autism Walk was a great success!
  • Children's Book Fest at USM - Getting locked in a stairwell because of a tornado...scary. Being there with half a dozen famous authors...priceless!
  • Biloxi Lighthouse - Light it up blue! Woohoo! 1st time!


  • Mobicon- 1st time working the Krewe du Who table and serving on a panel! Sci-fi jeopardy was awesome...I won a tribble!
  • Mother's Day - visited with Granny, took pics with 4 generations of girls!


  • Kids and I got new bikes! Woohoo, thanks stepdaddy!
  • Ellie had fun at her bff's birthday swim party, Emma!


  • Ellie participated in VBS at Fulllife and had a blast with her friends.
  • The kids, mom and I all went hiking and had loads of fun!
  • I took a much needed vacation at the end of summer reading and visited the beach.
  • WooHoo! Saw BB King in concert!
  • Met in person, the love of my life... John ... my beau ;)


  • Kids started back to school - Chris in 9th grade, Isaac in 6th grade, and Ellie in 3rd grade.
  • Best Date Ever - a beach picnic I'll never forget!
  • Librarianship 101 alumni meeting at Hattiesburg public library - fun.
  • Isaac turned 11.


  • Isaac and Ellie graduated from sensory integration therapy and got their handprints on the wall!
  • Krewe du Who photo shoot in Nola - we made the paper!


  • Changed my name back to my maiden name - best decision ever!
  • Haircut and donated to Locks of Love.
  • Went to the Fall Muster with John at Beauvoir. - Fun
  • TEAAM coast Halloween Party - kids had fun
  • MLA conference in Biloxi
  • 1st time tailgating - at USM with John
  • Ellie turned 9.
  • 1st Halloween Party with John.


  • [Abbygale passed away]
  • Chris turned 15.
  • Met John's parents.
  • Spent 1st Thanksgiving with John and his family!
  • BCF Michelle got married.


  • [Uncle Apple passed away]
  • Elfie came back - his 2nd year with us.
  • TEAAM coast Christmas party - Santa showed up.
  • 1st Christmas/Birthday with John - It was my magnolia ring!

All in all, we had a wonderful year and we hope that 2014 has even better things in store! Here's a few pictures that highlight our moments!