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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Honeymoon Adventures!

John and I can probably say we had the busiest honeymoon ever, but it was so much fun, we wouldn't trade a thing!

Day 1: We spent our wedding night at Beauvoir in the wonderful Hayes Cottage.

Day 2: Mostly driving to Atlanta. We decided to stick with our 50's theme and visit as many 50's style diners as we could find. After arriving and finding our hotel, we visited Steak and Shake.

Day 3:  We began our Gone with the Wind tour with the author, of course, at the Margaret Mitchell House (yes, I did take a picture next to the very typewriter she used to type Gone with the Wind). We then had lunch at Hi-five diner, where we had the best fried green tomato sandwiches I've ever put into my mouth. Then we went to the Atlanta History Center, which was full of things to see including, a 20's style 'Gatsby house, a Civil War farm, a Civil War museum, a talking movie museum, a Olympics museum and some very beautiful gardens and walking trails. We later had dinner at Truett's Grill, which quickly became our favorite spot.

Day 4: Jonesboro is where Margaret Mitchell's grandfather lived and where many of the characters in GWTW received life. This package deal is what inspired our trip to Georgia. We started at the Road to Tara Museum, known as the home of Gone with the Wind, then did the Stately Oaks Plantation tour, which is believed to be the inspiration for Tara. We then took the Road to Tara bus tour with a stop at a confederate cemetery. We later went to the Broadway Diner for dinner.

Day 5: We visited the Atlanta Aquarium and got a special dolphin encounter package (yes, we got to pet a dolphin named Luna). Then, we went to the Coca-Cola Museum, where the Coca-Cola bear stole John's hat. That night, we went back to dinner at Truett's Grill again.

Day 6: We spend the entire day at Stone Mountain, arriving around 9am and leaving around 11pm. It was wonderful and fun filled, including a Duck boat ride, which we got to drive because we were the honeymoon couple, and a train ride. We also took a sky ride and walked around the top of the mountain. We visited the confederate memorial, watched a glass blowing demonstration. We took two plantation tours, played goofy golf, and got to see the best light show I've ever been privileged to witness.

Day 7: Leaving Atlanta, we stopped for breakfast at The Dwarf House, then drove to Demopolis, Al for a trek through my family history. We visited Demopolis Public Library, because well, we all know a library had to be part of our trip somewhere. Then to the Gaineswood Plantation tour. That night we had the best stay ever at the Blue Shadows Bed and Breakfast.

Day 8: This day started with breakfast at and tour of Blue Shadows. Then on to Bluff Hall Plantation tour, visiting the historic cemetery and searching for historic markers that listed my ancestors settlement.

Day 9: Drove to Louisiana and stayed with John's parents and had dinner with them. Then we visited the Butter Krisp Diner for desert with the bestman Brandon.

Day 10: We went on the Houmas House Plantation tour and the San Francisco Plantation tour. Then had dinner at New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood

Day 11: We visited Stennis Space Center and went on the bus tour, which was pretty great.

Day 12: To wind things down, we visited the English Tea Room for a wonderful high tea and then some antiquing and a visit to Vianne's tea house for some Mr Darcy tea to go.

We finished up our tour back home with a nice dinner at Tony's and a walk on the beach!

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