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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Autism / Vaccine Link

Most of you know my story! I have three wonderful children, two of which have been diagnosed with a form of Autism. I've often spoken openly about my beliefs and view points on this issue and have openly advocated for Autism Awareness ever since the initial diagnoses. Some of you have heard me tell my story of my own health issues as well, that I do see the same characteristics in myself, although I didn't always. After coming across this article, I felt it was time to talk alittle more candidly.

I married young and two years later gave birth to a happy, healthy boy. I had never really had health issues myself. While excepting, I was told I did not have an immunity to MMR, even though I had records of receiving all of my vaccines as a child. I was told to stay away from sick children while excepting and after my son's birth, I was immediately given the MMR vaccine. 
It wasn't long before I developed a bout of stomach problems. Soon being diagnosed with IBS. I received meds and test galore but no real answers. I was completely trust worthy of the medical community, why wouldn't I be right? I never thought twice about my situation. 
Soon we decided, we'd like to have another child but it was four years before I was able to conceive. Our second son was happy, always smiling, developing properly. I soon found out I was excepting our third child. During this time, I watched the regression of my smiling boy but couldn't understand why. I was a full time college student and excepting again but still gave him every attention I could. He was diagnosed with ear infection after ear infection, given extreme amounts of medicine. He lost all speech and began hitting his head on things often. Soon we switched doctors and it was brought to our attention that there may be a hearing problem. After numerous tests and surgeries, we were told his hearing was adequate for speech. So why wouldn't our bright little boy speak.
In the mean time, I gave birth to a beautiful little girl. After suffering through jaundice the first month, at two months old, she was hospitalized with RSV. It was Christmas Day and I'm sitting in the hospital with my baby suffering, praying for an answer for my toddler's situation, when we saw the documentary on TV. I can't ever remember the channel or the name, only that they were talking about the Autism Epidemic. They showed children with Autism and I turned to my mom and she had the same look on her face that I had. 
WE KNEW! And we were terrified.
I soon went to our doctor and he saw it too but wanted to rule out every other possibility first. We went through gene testing, eeg's, xrays, catscans, if you can imagine it, we tested for it. We started therapy of every kind, speech, OT, SI etc...
Soon we had our diagnose from Tulane Children's Hospital in New Orleans, La ... Autism. 
Terrified, not knowing what to except, I threw myself into research. Adding special education courses to my already heavy school load and joined local support groups like TEAAM.

We've been a member ever since, attending walks and advocating for Autism Awareness.
It wasn't long before we noticed similar symptoms in our daughter but not as severe. After testing, we were told that she was border-line, to retest once she was older. She was recently diagnosed with Asperger's.
I have also suffered through tons of stomach problems, cysts, scopes, etc... and have been recently diagnosed with a gluten intolerance.
My children have made enormous progress and I am so proud of them. We have not let this stop us from living our lives to the fullest! They are extremely intelligent and loving! I just want the world to know our story.
The diagnose of Autism has risen since my children's diagnoses. When we first started our journey the number was 1 in 250 children. We are now at a diagnoses rate of 1 in 88.

That has only been the span of a few years. (We started the beginning of our journey around 2004.)
This is growing, it is an epidemic. One that is completely ignored!
It's outrageous to me that our world doesn't wake up to the fact that we are being poisoned!
Something is wrong and it's time we all start asking what! I promise you, if you are not personally effected then you know someone that is!

                                                                                     That's my rant for the day! 

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