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Friday, March 31, 2017

My Vintage Fascination Becomes a Family Affair!

   It has never been a secret that I am truly obsessed with eras before my time. Many people have called me an old soul. I love collecting antiques and vintage clothes. For sometime now, I've been tossing around the idea of adding a vintage clothing portion to my blog. After all, it is all about Sassy's World and it is a huge part of what makes me tick. I've been following several creative and fun blogs that focus on vintage clothing and they are beautiful. I love what they do!

   One day, I was discussing my ideas with my husband and my daughter was listening. That is when two minds and hearts and ideas burst together, for what was to become amazing mommy/daughter fun!

   So, remember several weeks ago when I said to stay tuned for a surprise ... It's here!

                                        My Vintage Fascination Becomes a Family Affair!

It turns out that Elie happens to love vintage too! When she over heard me talking, she asked if she could take part and I thought, you know that would be a great bonding experience for us.

So, now we are going out thrifting together and doing photo shoots together. It's so much fun!

For this photo shoot, we went to the University of Southern Mississippi's Gulf Coast Campus. We utilized the gorgeous trees and bridges.

Elie even wants to make her own blog and tell her side of the story. What we are planning to do is link each others blogs with mom/daughter vintage perspectives. 

Elie's dress and shoes were thrifted. The dress was a great find, it is Voom by Joy Han. I can't quite place the era, but it is very heavy material. Voom is still in business but their new stuff doesn't look like this, however I'm not sure when they started. Maybe someone can help me with that one.

My dress is from Lotty Dotty Vintage. It is a gorgeous 70's (was deadstock) piece.  It reminds me of the Coca-Cola waitress of old or something. It just spoke to me. I am on the hunt for the retired Sal's Soda Erstwilder brooch, because I think that would make the perfect companion piece for this dress.

Kelsea, at Lotty Dotty Vintage has some truly amazing pieces. I can't wait to get my hands on some more. Visit her Instragram @lottydottyvintage for more information.  

My shoes are from Modcloth (the Chelsea Crew Hot for hemlock heel in crimson)
and my fascinator was purchased a craft festival. 

Elie and I had a blast! Our plan is to do this at least once a month, so stay tuned. In addition to usual Sassy's World posts, whatever they maybe, you'll also get vintage love! 

I will link Elie's perspective here as soon as she has her blog up and running! 

As always, Stay Sassy and Classy!

*Special thanks to John for being our photographer!

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