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Monday, January 14, 2013

Just the way you are!

Isaac and I was having a discussion tonight about babies in mommies tummies, (not sure what brought it on) he seemed already well informed but curious. After several normal questions and answers, out of the blue he said, 'do babies who are born with Autism get it from the umbilical cord?' I said, 'sweetie, they don't really know what causes Autism.' He just sat there thinking, so I said, 'maybe someday you'll become a great scientist and figure it out.' And he just smiled and said, 'maybe I will!'

I can remember when he was first diagnosed with Autism, we were devastated but now I see him for what he truly is, he's so very bright and so different in such a wonderful way. It's who he is, who they are, and I can understand why Temple Grandin said that if someone gave her a cure, she wouldn't take it.
Because let me say, my babies are perfect just the way they are!

                                                                                                    ~Sincerely, Sas

“I am different, not less ” 

“In an ideal world the scientist should find a method to prevent the most severe forms of autism but allow the milder forms to survive. After all, the really social people did not invent the first stone spear. It was probably invented by an Aspie who chipped away at rocks while the other people socialized around the campfire. Without autism traits we might still be living in caves.” 
― Temple Grandin

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