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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Storytime Memories and Epilepsy Awareness!

Never take one single moment for granted!
Sometimes in life you experience something so beautifully rare, that when it's taken away it's excruciating. Abbygale was one of those little girls that always had a smile on her face, so full of energy! It has been alittle over a week now since we lost this angel, and angel she was! It was truly a privilege to get the chance to be part of her life!

As a children's librarian, you get attached to those faithful few that show up smiling at every storytime, ready for another story from Ms Sasha. But it's even more than that because I grew up with Abbygale's mom, it brings it even closer to home. Karen's strength through this tragedy is inspiring. She has leaned on God in a way that few people could, knowing that her sweet angel is being rocked by Jesus right now. I thank Karen so much for sharing her with me!

Abbygale had epilepsy and it was a seizure that took her from us at the age of six. Her life was a testimony to Jesus' love and grace and she would tell everyone she come across. I think it's a testimony that needs to be shared. It's not a coincidence that she passed in November, national epilepsy awareness month. This little girl touched so many lives in her six years and will continue to reach them even in death by making people more aware. God really showed himself through this sweet angel, I've never seen so many people show up at a wake to show their respects to her wonderful parents and sweet little brother. Abbygale's legacy proves God can use one spark to unite the whole world! I'm praying for her family but I know she's watching over them and hope we'll all see her again some day. In the mean time, God grant us the strength to smile, knowing that she's finally seizure free!

Here's to all our storytime fun, it won't be the same without you!

( "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." - Dr. Seuss )
Abbygale always made me smile!

Abbygale 2007-2013

My four storytime amigos!

Posing with their Dino Sculpture Certificates! 

Summer Reading Fun 2012!

My lovely picture from Abbygale 10/2013

It touched my heart so to see her library card!

Wearing Purple for Abbygale!

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